Is Mitt Romney a Christian?

Is Mitt Romney a Christian?  Are Mormons Christian?

Many others have already posted on this.  Here’s the article that got me thinking.  My issue has less to do with Romney’s faith than with the significance of a candidates faith when considering a president.  But first things first.

Are Mormons Christian?  The short answer is yes, but it comes with a lot of baggage to unpack.  Mormons, who would prefer to be called Latter Day Saints or LDS, read the Bible and believe in Jesus Christ.  Anyone worshiping Christ is a Christian in that sense.  As a believer in Christ, Romney falls in that classification.  But that’s not all Mormons believe.  The Book of Mormon is believed to be “another testiment” of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Short version: Joseph Smith, early in American history, was led by an angel to some hidden golden tablets.  He copied down the scripture they contained, and then the tablets disappeared.  Mormons read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which no other Christians believe in.  Considered by some to be a cult, they are not in the mainstream of Christianity.  If you are not a Mormon, their beliefs about Christ are not the same as your beliefs about Christ.  I’m going to leave it at that.

In 2008, conservatives that did not want Obama to take office did two things I consider underhanded.  Politics is dirty business and, make no mistake, both political parties play dirty.  The birthers are still hanging in there with their fight to have Obama removed from office on grounds of constitutionality, claiming he was born outside of the United States and therefore cannot be elected.  In 2008 it was nothing more than an attempt to lure votes away from his bid for presidency.  From a practically standpoint, that ship has sailed.  What difference would it make now?  The second thing people did who didn’t want him elected was call him a Muslim.  Yes, his name is Barack Hussein Obama.  His middle name is the same as a former mid-east dictator.  When his parents named him 50 years ago, it must have been part of a radical Muslim terrorist plot to destroy America.  My middle name is Joe, no relation to Stalin.  Painting Obama as a Muslim not born in the United States was not enough to keep him from becoming president.  But they tried.

Is Mitt Romney a Christian?  A question being ask by fundamental evangelicals across the nation.  Well, the man currently in office is the one you accused of being Muslim four years ago.  I know conservative Christians personally who aren’t sure if they can vote for Romney with a clear conscience.  Not voting for Romney is like casting a ballot for Obama.  My biggest gripe is this: what difference does it make?

Mitt Romney is not running for president of the SBC.  He is not being considered as my local church pastor.  He is running for political office, to be president of a country with no state established church.  As far as that goes, does it matter if Obama is a Muslim?  The President is one person.  He could not make Islamic Law the law of the land without a majority in both houses of Congress.  Such a measure would be struck down by the Supreme Court on constitutionality.  The POTUS is a very important and powerful individual, but I think we sometimes forget he is not the Federal Government.

The President is not a religious leader; we’re not electing a Pope in November.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, which tells conservative Republicans a lot.  He is a family values man, and is strictly morally conservative.  He is opposed to abortion and believes in prayer.  It takes a lot of faith and courage to be the brand of Christian he publicly proclaims to be, which speaks to his character.  If Romney is to be elected, the Republican party will have to unite behind him.  If evangelicals cannot do that, Obama will certainly be in office four more years.

UPDATE: Also read this.  

18 thoughts on “Is Mitt Romney a Christian?

  1. You’ve put in words what I only wished I could convey to those (few) whose attention I can snag. There may have been some Presidents along the way who met the criteria of the SBC, but they weren’t in office to forward the agenda of the SBC. The Church isn’t called to raise up a political leader to march us to the Promised Land. We’re called to be the Church… we just so happen to be blessed greatly to live in a land where we have the freedom to participate in the selection of our President. But the same privilege is afforded to Atheists, Muslims, Mormons, liberals, conservatives, etc. That’s America! As you said, no state established church.

    Christians should vote with biblical values. But sit down with a liberal Christian and a conservative Christian and you may walk away asking ‘which values?’ (another for another day)

    I notice you close by addressing the Republican party to unite. Even if all of the Republicans unite, is there enough to accomplish this without those who choose to not be affiliated with political parties? Just curious.

  2. I love this election for the very point you make. I believe this will bring to light alot of the religious garbbage being passed off as christian authority. The very excuses put forward for not supporting Obama are the very qualities found in Romney.

    The one phrase you will not hear this election cycle is, “I was led by God in my vote”. Which is the heart of true Christian authority. But as it may be proven the pulpits and the pews have been compromised and people who are called by His name are motivated by their fear and not love for Father.

    All I can say is Father forgive us for we know not what we do.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. I was trying to address certain issues without telling people who to vote for. I guess my colors are showing. There are not as many dyed in the wool party members, on either side, as there used to. The “undecided voter” is the largest group in America that both sides today try to woo.

    I am a Republican, but “my own people” make me sick sometimes. I’m also Baptist, but don’t get me started…

  4. American politics – or at least the voting system – has most Aussies bamboozled, but I know this isn’t the point here.

    I agree with what you say about the qualifications and if I was an American entitled to vote, the fact of Romney being a Mormon wouldn’t greatly influence me. I have voted for non-Christians who are good living and uphold family values and moral standards.

    While it has nothing to do with this question, I do query the statement of Mormons being Christian. My conversations with the door-knockers here, and their own statement of belief, assure me they do not believe in the deity of Christ. He is a much honoured prophet whom they love and follow, but He is not and never was, God come in the flesh. [i John 4:3]

  5. I was not trying to imply anything about party affliation. Me being a balck conservative, I know what it is like to be family outcast. this may be the first time I vote for a democrat president. My earthly daddy will finally say about time.

    I just find this presidential election to be ironic. Thanks Clark.

  6. Larry, I responded to M.T. Sweat before I approved your comment. Your comment then appeared between he and I. Sorry for the confusion. (Any future comments you make should appear immediately now that your on my “approved once” list.)

  7. Christian definition: A person who adheres to Christianity

    Christianity definition: Christianity is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    As mormons don’t believe in a monotheistic God and don’t fully recognise Jesus’ teachings mormons can NOT be considered to be Christian. Period.


  8. I approve of your comment but don’t completely adhere to your reasoning. What is the source for those definitions? Mormons stand apart from other Christians on multiple doctrines, and Romney is very straight forward about that.

    Can you not vote for Romney because he is Mormon? I know some conservative Christians that “just can’t.” Can you vote for the other guy? (I tempered my original remarks, i.e. baby killer, gay pride. I tell posters to play nice.)

  9. They dont believe in the trinity, they dont confess that Jesus is the only begotton of the father. In fact they believe that there is a Godess and God who are the master Gods that live on some other planet and that Jesus, the Holy Ghost and God the father are only the Gods of Earth. They are closer to the polytheistic views of a Hindu instead of that of a Christian. If you vote for Romney you are not voting Christian. So vote the issues dont look for a Christian canidate. Dont take my word for it, they are polytheists all who look into it know this to be true.

  10. While well written. This article still seeks to decieve in a subtle way.
    Christians know that GOD has always existed and that Christ as God has always existed. Mormons believe that God was once a man and became a god and that Mormons themselves can become gods.
    This is NOT Christianity and Mormons are not Christians.

  11. Mormons are Christian in that they worship/believe in Christ. The article is very clear that Mormons do not believe the same things about Christ that many of us identifying ourselves as Christians believe.

    “The article seeks to deceive” actually implies that I, the author, seek to deceive the reader. The article identifies what we mean by “Christian” before applying the label. We can discuss and debate the statements in the article and their merits, but if you make an attack on my person expect me to take it personally.


  13. From the About page: ” In our lives, churches, Bible study, witnessing, blogging, etc. Jesus Christ should be at the center. The gospel message is the most important thing the world needs to hear above everything else that Christians have to say…”

    The political process is a fundamental part of American culture. Unlike some I still believe the process works. There is no part of life or this culture we take part in that Christianity should be kept out of. Handling money can be dirty business, but it’s something of a necessary evil.

  14. Mormons are not christians. They believe that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers in a long feud and that they will be picked up by a space ship and taken to God.

  15. @ William – No, they do not.

    If your comment was meant to be parody or sarcasm that’s one way of making a point, IF it’s clear that’s what you are doing. If you intentionally share misinformation, perhaps to discourage readers that don’t know what Mormons teach or believe from taking them seriously, then you will no longer be allowed to comment. Am I a Mormon or do I want to become one? No. Are we going to spread gossip, lies, rumors or misinformation? Not here we aren’t.

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