Marriage Equality

Marriage is a biblical institution.  God ordained marriage, and defined it as between one man and one woman.  Jesus and the Apostle Paul upheld this definition in the New Testament.

There is an update to this post here.

I believe in marriage equality.  Each marriage is equal to every other marriage.  Two men or two women?  That’s not marriage; see the above definition.  The terminology marriage equality sounds less offensive than gay marriage.  It’s more palpable.  It sounds politically correct.  That’s the term that President Obama, VP Biden and others use to convey that all couples should have access to equal rights.  It sounds nice and fair.  I have no doubt that someday in this country every couple – heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, etc. – will get federally mandated equal rights.  That will not be a failure of Christians everywhere.  What I’m about to say will be unpopular among conservative evangelicals but I’ve said it before; this is not a Christian nation.

Muslim nations are exactly that – Islamic Law is the law of the land.  The government leaders are the religious leaders.  Our separation of church and state is foreign to them, and I’ve come to appreciate the value of that separation in our society.  The Bible is not the Constitution/ the Constitution is not my Bible.  It works both ways and is good for both.  For example: Pornography is legal, yet there are people of moral character, some Christian some not, that don’t look at it.  Is it a sin to get drunk?  Yes.  It it legal?  Also yes.  In our nation consenting adults have a right to choose; they even have the right to make the wrong choices.

Read the Old Testament.  Read every conversation Jesus ever had with the Pharisees.  Legalism doesn’t work.  Keeping the Law (long lists of rules) does not make people righteous.  Forcing biblical principles on non-believers won’t make them believe.  Christian men and woman, who read and study scripture and attend a church that teaches it rightly, will continue in hetero relationships.  They will raise Christian families even while others around them in culture… do other things.  We cannot separate ourselves entirely from the culture, gathering into a sanctuary somewhere and boarding up the doors and windows.  We are called to be the light of the world.  We must engage the culture while not adopting their standards.  We must interact – go to work, send our kids to school, buy groceries, coach little league – while living lives that honor God and his Word.  We must be in the world but not of this world.  The United States is a political nation of this world.  America is neither Old Testament Israel nor God’s coming kingdom.

What the government calls marriage will someday be available to any two people that want it.  For some of us, marriage will still be between one and one woman.  Renaming the fight marriage equality is a ploy, a tactic in the battle.  It plays on people’s desire for fairness.  Recognize that but then don’t be surprised when it works.


2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality

  1. I’ve had this debate before. Gay couples will say they have a right to choose to be with whoever they love; they should be able to choose whoever they wish, give that person their heart, and be together for the rest of their lives.

    And if I say “Fine, do that, but don’t call it marriage” then I get accused of being a hater. I am “discriminating” against people that should have the same rights I have. No, everyone has all the same rights listed above. Then the argument becomes about visitation rights in the ICU and insurance benefits. I have argued that state’s should recognize civil unions, giving legal rights to same sex couples – but don’t call it marriage. THEN those same people start talking about loving their soul mate the way I love me wife and claim it’s NOT about legal benefits.


  2. I clicked the ‘like’ button and realised there isn’t much to ‘like’ about the contents – at least, not about the way our nations are changing and lowering the standards.

    The ‘like’ comes in because someone else thinks the way I do, and that someone is upholding God’s way.

    I haven’t heard the term ‘marriage equality’ used here, but certainly there are big moves to gain marriage rights for all couples. “Civil unions” here have equal rights as far as government benefits, visiting rights etc so why insist on being able to use the term “marriage”? Marriage is already a clearly defined word. Let them find another word to suit their definition.

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