Marriage Equality in the United States

The Christian blogosphere is lit up with Obama’s public support for gay marriage rights in the United States.  My post yesterday was a knee-jerk reaction to hearing the news.  That post is about the biblical definition of marriage, that goes off on a tangent of America not being a “Christian nation.”  This post is more about the news: Obama supports gay marriage rights, some demographics, and speculation about this election year.

Obama coming out in support of what he calls marriage equality comes just a few days after Biden made similar remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press.  Others in his administration were making similar statements and there is speculation that Obama was somewhat pressured into taking a similar stance.  Even if that’s how he already felt personally, this is the strongest statement he has ever made regarding gay and lesbian rights.  We now have an American president that public supports gay and lesbian marriage.

Obama’s announcement sharply contrasts a recent vote in North Carolina defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  The NC measure makes one of the strongest statements yet in it’s terms.  But let’s look at the track record.  30 states have now voted on marriage rights, and all 30 have come out in support of one man, one woman definitions.  The North Carolina measure was carried by a margin of 61-39, surprising even the bills supporters.  The Baptist Press lists each state that has voted and the margin of victory.  Even California – even California – passed the highly controversial, much talked about Proposition 8, which is still being contested in the court system.  Four more states will consider amendments to their constitutions this year.

30 states have voted to define marriage between one man and one woman.  No state amendment supporting the traditional definition of marriage has ever failed to pass.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden have publicly given their support to gay marriage during an election year.  Wow.  By the way, what Obama and others are calling it now is marriage equality.  Marriage Equality has a very egalitarian sound to it.  The gay rights people have been very successful in getting folks to think gay is the new black.  They evoke images of Rosa Parks being forced to sit in the back of the bus.  Any person of any race (Af Am, white, mixed, Asian, Native American Indian, etc) can sit in any seat in any theater, bus, train, airplane or restaurant.  So can any gay or lesbian person.  There were once white and “colored” drinking fountains, but the image of “gay/straight” drinking fountains promotes a discrimination that does not exist.  Not recognizing two men as entering the bonds of Holy Matrimony is not discrimination.  The Holy Bible defines the terms and conditions of Holy Matrimony.

The Baptist Press avoided using marriage equality at all when they covered this story.  Obama becomes first president to support gay “marriage” was their headline.  The top three priorities for voters has been the economy, the deficit and jobs, in that order, for voters so far this year.  Abortion and marriage rights have been near the bottom of the list in political polling.  This may or may have an impact in November.


2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality in the United States

  1. Our self declared atheist Prime Minister is still standing against homosexual marriage, and our Leader of the Opposition, soon to become PM, stands very firmly against it. However, there is much vocal public call for it (hopefully the vocal minority, but I’m not sure about that).
    What is clear is that our nations are not just on a downhill run, but are rushing headlong towards an unforgiving cliff face.

    We are one day closer to His rerturn.

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