Romney, Obama and Christianity

Some conservative Republicans are concerned that Romney being Mormon will divide the voting base, turning away some mainstream conservative Christian voters.  So will they vote for Obama instead?  25% of Americans still believe Barack Obama is Muslim.

For those that believe Romney is a Christian, I’d like to point out that Obama is also.  If you believe Mormons are not Christian, may I suggest that perhaps Obama is a Muslim.  Now…

This an election year.  In November we will select a president for the next four years.  We’re not electing a pope, you will not be attending his church.  Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, we still have 535 members of Congress ensuring nothing will get passed and 7 Supreme Court Justices to overrule it if it does.

The issues in this election are unemployment, national debt, immigration, health care and mid-east wars.  Let’s pretend both candidates are scientologists and move on to discussing the political views of both men.

10 thoughts on “Romney, Obama and Christianity

  1. Clark, we hear/see quite a lot about the US elections here, but I must agree that most of what we see concerns the religious status of the candidates. We’ve heard precious little of any policies.

  2. While I’m probably stepping in where I have little ability to speak wisely, but you are so right in my book, Clark. America is not the body of Christ, the Church is. We will not build the Kingdom by influencing political agendas, but by declaring the gospel. If we just do what we’re commissioned to do, everything else will find it’s proper place. As for elections, let’s vote for the candidate who has the greatest ability to respond to the issues you note. Blessings, friend.

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  4. Thank you for reminding readers that we are electing the Chief Executive Officer of our country…not the Chief Spiritual Officer of our country. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s….

  5. To me we have a very simple choice, one between life and death. Everything that the Obama administration puts out promotes death in one form or another. At the very least we have the hope of Romney being influenced by those who promote life. I choose life every time. We are not electing God, he already is in control, we are electing a leader that will follow the principles that this country was founded upon. If they do that, they are following God in principle, no matter what religion they profess to follow!

  6. Yes, we can discuss the political views of both men and in doing so, we must remember what gauge to use in our voting decisions; God’s Word. We will never see a candidate whose views are completely Biblically based, which is why as individuals and a collective body of believers we should first seek God and His will in how we cast our vote.
    Keep the Faith!

  7. Who to pick…who to pick, socialist or capitalist? Pro life or pro choice? traditional family or same sex marriage? Do we have a litmus test, biblically speaking that we can measure the acidic effect these two can have on our spiritual, moral, economic, future? As the king goes, so goes the nation. A wise thing for the follower of Christ to do is look at history, of the candidates, of kingdoms fallen, and what they deem to be the right man for the job that will bring honor to God by their actions, not their words.

  8. We have a civic duty to make responsible choices, as well as an obligation to be good stewards of everything we have influence over. I know Christians that simply do not vote, but I don’t think that’s what “walk circumspectly” calls for. I taught American History for several years, be assured that I’m a patriot.

    However, my hope is not in any political entity. God has ordained the events of history. Read the promises made to Abraham 400 years before the Exodus event took place. Look what Paul has to say about it in Romans 9. Kingdoms rise and fall according to God’s plan, and the kingdom “not made with human hands” is the only one that will never end.

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