Bloggers, Moderate Your Comments

Typically I allow anyone that has been approved before to have their comments automatically displayed.  Meaning that your first comment to this blog will be held for moderation and after that one is approved your others will appear instantly.  Some blogs strictly moderate every comment, while some allow everything to appear regardless of the source.

Keep your eye out for comments from L.W. Dickel.  If there is even such a guy (it could be a group of people) he keeps leaving exactly the same inflammatory remarks on multiple posts of multiple Christian blogs.  It’s nothing more than anti-Christian spam, but my filters didn’t catch it and I’ve seen at least two Christian blogs displaying the same comment.  Keep an eye out, moderate your comments, don’t bother engage.  If he wants a legitimate dialog, let him follow the rules.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers, Moderate Your Comments

  1. i try to adhere to 2 Timothy 2:23 when i am “challenged” about my faith because i realize i am not going to convince them all so i hope i don’t come across this person

  2. I don’t mind questions, objections or even debate as long it advances the discussion in a meaningful way. This situation is different; he was merely flaming Christian blogs.

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