Happy Monday

The 2012 Summer Olympics are over in London, closing ceremonies were last night.  The United States finished with 104 medals, 46 of them gold.  Opening ceremonies for the 2014 winter games will be held February 7, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

One of my pet peeves is everything that gets forwarded, reposted, retweeted etc. that was never true in the first place.  It started with email in the late 90’s and has only gotten worse with social media and 24/7 connectivity.  Neither Pepsi nor Coca-Cola are releasing a patriotic can which leaves “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is a Dr. Pepper can which came out after 9/11.  The entire pledge was not on the can at all, merely these three words “One Nation… Indivisible.”  It was a patriotic statement at the very beginning of the War on Terror.  The can has been off of store shelves since early 2002.  First Pepsi and later Coca-cola were accused, via chain forward email, of omitting “under God” from the pledge.  I saw it again last night on Facebook.  Please do not share, forward, repost, retweet when this appears on your screen.  More here.

Here in Georgia we just had a tax free weekend on clothing, electronics and other school supplies.  If school hasn’t started yet in your area it’s about to.  Let’s be in prayer for teachers, students, and don’t forget thousands of entering college freshmen that are perhaps leaving home for the first time.

Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Politics aside, I can’t wait to see what evangelicals do with this.  Romney is Mormon, Ryan is Catholic.  It’s like blog fodder.  (Chew on this: Mormons and Catholics both believe in biblical marriage, both are anti-abortion.  If you can’t bring yourself to vote for a Mormon then go ahead and cast a ballot for Gay Pride in the White House.)

Hey folks, it’s Monday.  If you’re headed back to work be thankful you have a job; national unemployment is still 8.5%.  If you’re reading this (duh) you’re in the 37% of the world’s population with Internet access.  Think about that: I have a laptop, wifi, cellphone with internet, and by American standards my family is “poor.”  What I’m trying to say is…


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