The Read and Share File

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to share.  Here’s what this writer has been reading:

9 Marks offers tips on leading the church in a healthy direction.  Read them here.

Tim Challies is doing a series on the holiness of God.

Ray Ortland suggests that small talk has a place in ministry.  While I agree, I’m not totally sure that’s what happened in Acts 10:27.  Read The Astonishing Amiability and see what you think.

Whichever side of the Chick-fil-A drama your on, vandalism is not a basic human right illegal.  “A Chick-fil-A located in Frederick, Md., was vandalized over the weekend when same-sex marriage supporters decorated the store with a gay pride flag and glued pro-same-sex marriage stickers to the windows of the restaurant.”  Read the full story at Christian Post.

Out of Ur offers a good response to the Sikh temple shooting.  Aurora CO, Oak Creek WI, and most recently Texas A&M.  Ever get that “whole world has gone nuts” feeling?  The Bible indicates that will get worse before it gets better.

Here are the first four installments of what should end up being a six part series from Mike Ratliff on The Purpose of the Church.  Give this some time, it’s not exactly light reading.

Steve Brown felt that compared to the reaction to Mark Driscoll’s book (Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship and Life Together) his interview was pretty bland.  It may not be make you blush, but check out Steve Brown Etc. and give it a listen anyway.

Even when I don’t get to compile the summary, all of these sites are listed in the blogroll.  For a more dependable listing of links, check out Thinking Out Loud every Wednesday.

55 of you subscribe on Facebook.  If you’re on Facebook gives us a like; we save a few special goodies for our fb friends that don’t always make it onto the blog.

UPDATE: In an incredible twist of irony, Paul Wilkinson’s Wednesday Link List was not published this week. Paul recommends  this link which searches Thinking Out Loud for all Wednesday Link List posts; while it does return the link lists, there are a few other posts in the search results as well.

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