Happy Monday

Russell Crowe will play Noah.  This “first look” pic was Tweeted by director Mark Morning.  This film is set to be released spring 2014.  (Russell looks good, but he’s no Steve Carell.)

It is no longer illegal for women in North Korea to ride bicycles.  The law was about 20 years old, and truth be told was probably not enforced outside of Pyongyang.  But still… progress?

Many states in the South are enjoying the “cold front” that came through this weekend.  By cold I mean daytime highs are in the upper 80’s.  School has started, the weather is almost fall-like, and my wife wants high-school football to start.

The purpose of Happy Monday is to be encouraging, uplifting, and remind everyone to be thankful; Monday is the beginning of a new week, not just the end of your weekend.  I don’t want to talk about Paul Ryan, for instance, because that could start a political debate.  Even this is risky:

Jeff Foxworthy, of “might be a redneck” fame, will host a new gameshow for GSN.  The American Bible Challenge premieres Thursday, August 23rd.  GSN (Game Show Network) probably appears among the higher numbers on your local cable or satellite provider’s lineup.  Their base is reruns of classic daytime games, such as Match Game and Press Your Luck, but they’ve been updating those and adding original programs for the past few years.  American Bible Challenge is a new show, slotted for prime time, and has a celebrity host.  For the sake of Christians everywhere, let’s pray it’s not stupid.

This is the day the Lord has made.  Happy Monday!!!

One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. “For the sake of Christians everywhere, let’s pray it’s not stupid.” Definitely made me laugh a bit, but I totally agree with you! I pray it’s more BIBLE centered than American. Have a blessed week!


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