Happy Monday

It’s Happy Monday time!  

In case you missed it…

While homeowners in Florida are covering windows with plywood, thousands of people were still living in tents in Haiti when Tropical Storm Isaac came through.  The most recent numbers are six dead, but 30,000 have nowhere to go.  Pray for all those affected in the gulf coast states, as Isaac continues to track further and further west than expected.

The American most famous for taking “one small step for man” has crossed over into eternity.  Neil Armstrong was 82.  His death may have been the result of complications following a recent heart surgery.

A look ahead

The Republican National Convention will begin on Tuesday and run through Thursday.  Speakers scheduled for today have been either canceled or rescheduled because of Hurricane Isaac.  VP Joe Biden will not be in Tampa at all; he had planned to attend the Democrats anti-convention.

College football kicks off this week (wait for it…) and I have been mistaken for an Alabama fan!  One of my Thai students once gave me a necktie, a silk tie from Thailand with elephants embroidered into the fabric.  It happens to be somewhat crimson in color.  One particular a.m. greeter said “We’ll even let you in here wearing that tie.”  Yikes.  I wore my UGA polo last night to set the record straight.

This is the last Monday in August!  I can’t believe it, but Saturday is September 1st.

Chin up, chest out.  Happy Monday!

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”  -Matthew 10:16


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