Happy Monday

The weekend is over.  You’ve been in church all weekend and/or watched too much football.  The fridge is full of left-overs.  Monday morning means back to the grindstone for many, so here is some encouragement to help push you along.  God looked at what he had made and declared that it was good; that includes Monday!

I am a big fan of the Our Daily Bread devotional from RBC Ministries.  I have them e-mailed just in case I get too busy one morning or else forget to look at it.  Check out this little gem, which seems to oddly correspond to the beginning of football season:

I sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven. —Nehemiah 1:4

I loved Malcom’s prayer at church the other day. Only 7 years old, he stood in front of 100 other kids and prayed: “Jesus, thank You that some of us get to play football and go to church, and for safety on the ride here, and for forgiveness of our sins, and for eternal life. We love You, Jesus. Please don’t ever forget how much we love You!”    Continue reading at Our Daily Bread.  

October Baby comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow.  October Baby is “inspired by” the actual events of Gianna Jensen’s life, who is the survivor of a failed abortion.  Provident Films is the company that produced Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Courageous.  October Baby is a different kind of story, so don’t walk in thinking you’ve seen this movie before.  Look for music on the sound track from Chris Sligh (American Idol, 2002) and Gianna Jensen herself.  One of the big roles is played by John Schneider who is not new to Christian films.  Here’s a review by Tim Challies, and here is a link to Gianna Jensen’s website, featuring interviews and the film trailer.

Be of good cheer.  Happy Monday.

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