What is Happy Monday?

Mondays have a certain stigma in our culture.  Many of us have the weekend or at least Sunday off, and Monday morning means going back to it.  If you’ve slept in for two days it can be hard getting up, and if everything at your place of work has been shut down there can be glitches in the start up process.  Monday is the most common day of the week for heart attacks in the United States.  (Oddly enough, Friday is second.  Apparently getting off work for the weekend is almost as stressful as going back.)

For those in the world, Monday morning can be complicated by a weekend of late nights, partying and hang overs.  They really need a day off to recover from their days off.  For the Christian, Monday shouldn’t be that bad.  As a matter of fact, if you emptied your cup before Sunday worship and let God refill it, we should better prepared to face Monday than any other day of the week.  By the same token, if you just spent a full day with family, prayer and praise, good sermons – and a nap – Monday is certainly going to be different.

I started wishing people at work a Happy Monday, and offering a big smile.  Most people, most people, will smile back if you smile first.  Yeah, I’m that guy.  The Happy Monday posts at the Master’s Table offer encouraging verses, pictures, and stories to give you a little extra push.  Sometimes we review news of the weekend in case you missed it, and take a look at what’s ahead for the week.  There is always something to be thankful for.  Life is stressful, and it’s still going to be Monday even for Christians.  Some days we may even be a little un-Christ like.  Happy Monday is about giving you a little something extra to help.  Maybe it will even be something to look forward to.

Chin up, chest out… Happy Monday!

One thought on “What is Happy Monday?

  1. Your Monday is my Tuesday, thanks to time zones, but most days are the same to me now – except of course for Sundays.

    Wednesdays are my ‘off’ days because that is when I do my weekly shop. Why did I ever LIKE shopping?!!!

    Each day belongs to the Lord and He sustains and blesses and uses me each day, so I’ll not complain.

    We are one day closer to THAT day!

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