Happy Monday

Last week: 

NFL fans are glad to see the real NFL refs back on the job.  After reaching a deal Wednesday night, securing a contract for the next eight years, refs wasted no time getting back for Thursday Night Football.  The NFL has apologized for the use of replacement refs; not exactly what Packers fans were hoping for.

GA Bulldogs fans (I’m working this in while I have the chance) are enjoying a 5 game win streak and an as-of-yet undefeated season.  GA has scored over 40 points five games in a row, unheard of in the school’s history.

The University of California is offering $30,000 to each of 21 protesters pepper sprayed by a campus officer last year.  The out of court settlement must be approved by a federal court.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abott backs the right of cheerleaders at Kountze Independent School District to make banners displaying Bible verses.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation, headquartered in Wisconsin, threatened to sue the district for offending non-Christian students at football games.  Free speech and freedom of religious expression will be at issue at the October 4th hearing.  My issue continues to be that freedom from religion has no constitutional basis.

This week:

The first presidential debate will be held Wednesday, October 3rd.  I encourage you to listen to what both candidates actually have to say rather than just what their commercials have to say about each other.  Please make an informed decision on November 6.  “Is Romney a Christian?  Was Obama born in Hawaii?” are not the real issues.

Wow, heavy stuff this week.  Enjoy this cartoon:

Happy Monday

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