Happy Monday

It is definitely fall.  I wasn’t feeling it September 23, but can’t disagree now.

Rough weekend in sports.  My ATL Braves were eliminated from post-season play Friday night in the first ever wildcard playoff game.  By now I guess you either know about the infield fly call or don’t care.  Here’s an article I like from Sports Illustrated.  I also watched Saturday evening as the GA Bulldogs rolled over and played dead in Columbia, South Carolina.  Both teams were undefeated and closely ranked, I expected a really close ball game.


67% of those watching the debate felt that Romney won.  Obama responded with some “zingers” on Friday, but neither candidate brought those on Thursday as expected.  This debate was nearly entirely on the economy; expect issues like same-sex marriage, gay rights and abortion to come up later this month.  This week the VP candidates debate on Thursday, there will be two more Romney/Obama match ups before election day.


Why is Happy Monday late?  I normally put together Happy Monday posts over the weekend, sometimes compiling them for several days.  I’ve been setting them to automatically post on Monday morning at 6 a.m. (while I’m still in bed).  My nephews have spent the weekend with us; pumpkin seed roasting ended badly but we built a campfire last night and roasted hot dogs.  I realized only this morning that I had done nothing in preparation for this.  While I do not apologize for spending the weekend on the playground and watching kid movies, I didn’t mean to miss our date either.  Hopefully this is better than nothing.

Hay, hay, hay!

We have leaves falling from trees, but not very many colors yet.  I hope to take a short road trip on the bike soon and capture some of my own fall color pics.  Look for those in coming weeks.

Chin up, chest out – Happy Monday!  

One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. I should have just taken the federal holiday. If you work in a bank, post office or public school just come back tomorrow and pretend it says “Happy Tuesday.”

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