Happy Monday

Has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God?  –God’s Page

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan debated on Thursday night, Obama and Romney will be back at on Tuesday.  My wife wishes the election would already be over, and we don’t even live in one of those battleground states.  The entire election may come down to Ohio, and the t.v. ads and mail box stuffing is at full tilt.  Sorry Ohio.

Felix Baumgartner finally jumped from the edge of space over the weekend.  Did he set a new speed record, breaking the sound barrier in the process?  No.

American Airlines says the recent seat incidents aboard its planes may be due to spilled snacks and drinks corroding the hardware.  Snacks and drinks have been served on passenger planes since the 1920’s, Delta has over 5,000 flights per day, and only American has this problem?

The autumn colors are currently processing.  There is a tree just over the hill that is half red and half green.  I mentioned one last bike ride to take some fall pics; I’m also thinking about a hike this weekend.  I enjoy fall, but not on the same level as spring.

The Master’s Table has 72 followers on WordPress and 63 fans on Facebook.  Facebook sometimes gets extra pics, quotations or links that do not appear on the blog as full stories.  Upload your fall pics to the Facebook fan page and I will include some of them in next week’s Happy Monday.  I can download photos from the internet all day long, please post pics that belong to you.

Coffee with Jesus: the Body is a Temple
click image for full size

You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.  Even Monday.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Before anyone freaks out: the story I read over the weekend stated that Felix Baumgartner hovered near the speed of sound without breaking the sound barrier. HLN is reporting this morning that he did in fact exceed mach 1, and his space suit prevented him from being injured by the sonic boom.

    For the record, I’m in the “don’t know, don’t care” camp.

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