Happy Monday


The second presidential debate was much livelier than the first, causing many viewers to think it would actually come to blows.  The SNL parody did a great job capturing the “mood” of the event.  The final debate is tonight was Monday.

A woman in Texas gets 99 years in prison for super-gluing her child’s hands to a wall.  The 2-year-old was in a coma for 2 days but is recovering.  Meanwhile in Colorado a 19-year-father gets 90 days – that’s a sentence of 90 days – after pleading guilty to manslaughter following the death of his 6-month-old daughter.

Banana Boat is recalling its spray-on sunscreen after several people have accidentally been set on fire.  There is a warning on the can to avoid sparks and open flame until the product is dry.  What could more ironic than putting on sunscreen to avoid getting burned and then literally burning?  Not even Alanis Morissette saw that coming.

Coffee with Jesus – Simply Breathtaking

And with that segue let’s look at some autumn pictures.  The first one I took just a short walk from my home, the second was taken by an old friend in south-east Kentucky.

Upload your fall pics to the Master’s Table Facebook page (link) or email to clarkjbunch@hotmail.com.  And have a

Happy Monday!


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