The Read and Share File

I know it’s been a while.  Here’s what’s up:

The bookstore – far from dead, they may be doing better than you think.  Check out these 12 stats.

Hurricane Sandy, Frakenstorm, or whatever you call it is still dumping rain and snow.  It’s too not early, however, to plan a response and begin mobilization.  Talking about the Gospel is one thing, giving a child a cup of water is another.  Let’s go.

“You can’t get something for nothing.”  Christians know this is untrue.  While on the subject of free gifts, John Piper wants you to have this Martin Luther biography as a free e-book (available in many formats, including pdf).

By the way, John Piper is going to vote.

Donald Miller’s blog was shut down, retooled, and after a longer-than-expected hiatus is back online as Storyline Blog.  Think of it as Donald Miller and Friends.

Internet Monk has focused all month on the relationship between music and the church.  This post is from the first lady of iMonk Denise Spencer.

And finally:

Possessing the Treasure is the title of Mike Ratliff’s blog.  With no warning (that I’m aware of) everything stopped.  The last post was Sept. 11, his last comment came on Sept. 12.  Commenting has been turned off.  Does anybody know what happened to Mike Ratliff?  Just wondering.


6 thoughts on “The Read and Share File

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  2. Hi Clark,

    Wondering if you’ve found out anything about the status of Mike Ratliff. I’d just begun to read his blog when his entries suddenly stopped and have been curious about his situation ever since.

  3. I have no idea. His last post was Sept 11, his last comment was made the next day. There is a contact form on his website, but it works through WordPress not like an email address.

  4. Wow, that’s great! Thanks for passing it along. Looking forward to reading more from Mike … and to reading through more of your blog as well.

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