Who God Uses, Part II

Look at Who God Uses lists several characters from Bible history, pointing out the characters flaws and shortcomings of each one.  The original post points out that God uses the small, the weak and the broken to do his will and work, but does nothing to explain why.

Consider the nation of Israel.  By the time of Moses, the tribes of Israel were slaves serving the Egyptians.  God brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand, demonstrating his power by allowing Israel to plunder the wealth of Egypt and destroying Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea.  He led them to the land of Canaan, providing their needs and defeating their enemies for them.  Israel went from serving Egypt to building an empire of their own.  And all they could say about it was “look what God did for us.”

Ultimately Israel forsook God and worshiped the idols of others nations.  They rejected God and his Law, and as he promised the land was taken from them and given to others.  Our health, our strength, our prosperity, all that we have is a gift from God.  We are responsible for what we do with it, making us stewards of what is God’s rather than the owners of what is ours.  

No one used by God to do great things can really say “Look what I did.”  While I didn’t mean for this to be a Thanksgiving post, it is the perfect opportunity to say “Look what God has done.”  Christ humbled himself on the cross so that God could lift him up.  What greater example could be given?

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