Happy Monday

Happy Monday turns 20!  No, not years.  This is the 20th post titled Happy Monday.  It’s been five months of helping get your butt out the door with a smile on your face.  Okay, on with the show.

hap mon, dogs play christmasEver see the painting Dogs Play Poker?  I call this Dogs Play Christmas.  I can’t believe they have wise men but no sheepdogs; or at least a German shepherd.  What were they thinking?!? 

lego snowmanThe Lego snowman.  I don’t know who they are or where they are, I just know they’re awesome.  Take that Ikea snowman.

hap mon, napping with SantaIf my story is straight on this one, the baby in the picture fell asleep waiting in line.  The child was out cold, so this is Santa being a good sport.  Sweet.

And finally –

A few weeks ago we asked our daughter Johannah what see wanted for Christmas.  She simply said “Smiles.”  She’s three.  Here she is telling Santa Claus exactly the same thing:

jojo w santa 2

Now of course if you push her through Wal-Mart in a shopping cart she sees lots of things she would like to have.  Still, asking for smiles; precious!

One more week until Christmas.  Enjoy yourself.  “Diet” is a four-letter word.

Happy Monday!

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