Happy Monday

Screenshot 2013-03-07 at 7.30.35 AM

daylight savings time

Coffee with Jesus: Many Are Called

Screenshot 2013-03-07 at 8.10.20 AM

colorfulbecause he lives

Clears the roof, sticks the landing.  10.0 

sticks the landing

God is in me

Lord is my strength

In the News: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un seen here with Dennis Rodman.Kim with Rodman

Later that same day…

Kim asks about Rodman

Happy Monday is brought to you by Acme.  


One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. Tonight starts the 1st Nisan (new Year) EX 12:2
    On this day, the flood water dried up (Gen 8:13)
    Tabernacle set up (EX 40:2)
    AND I believe JESUS was born….So happy monday

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