The New ESV Bible .org

The English Standard Version of the Bible from Crossway Publishers has been and continues to be my translation of choice. All scripture references on this website (that have links attached to them) link to the website and if you have a habit of following those you will notice a change.

The new version of the site has been in beta testing for several months, and it is the new site that visitors are directed to. You can still use the old version by visiting but that will be for a limited time only. Their design and support teams have fielded many complaints already and we can expect a few things to be tweaked in response. The main idea behind the “upgrade” is to make the site available on more devices. The old site worked really well on a desktop computer, or a laptop depending on the size of your screen. The design change is, supposedly anyway, meant to work on any screen size and device you may have, such as netbooks, tablets and smart phones.

esv bible screenshot

The image above is how the site looks on my computer screen. Since it is supposed to render itself in the correct format there is no manual re-sizing possible. I’m stuck with only the middle third of the screen containing text. There is a reader mode that makes all the controls and verse numbers disappear, but the text column doesn’t change width giving the screen even more wasted white space. Like I say, they are still working on getting it just right. They have promised to re-examine the pop up that appears when highlighting text for copying, and infinite scrolling should be on the way. Other users have complained about highlighting a word or phrase in their notes to add italics or bold and everything in the note being affected.

If you are a regular visitor to ESV Bible .org you have already taken the tour or at least been offered. For those you who perhaps only link from here when I offer a passage for consideration, then be advised the site is making changes and it isn’t something I did. If you are unhappy with the new design you can always read any translation you wish, including ESV, at Bible Gateway. And as always I would prefer you read any translation or paraphrase of the Bible as opposed to never reading.

UPDATE: The techies at Crossway have promised to improve the way the columns are sized. 

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