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At 105 years of age this pastor in Minneapolis has no plans to retire. He said he tried once at 90 and it didn’t work out.

We borrowed that first link from the Wednesday Link List, published weekly at Thinking Out Loud. 

Shifting gender roles is a serious issue, but if you need to laugh to keep from crying check out why this blogger is thankful for skinny jeans.

What are the chances a guy running in the Boston Marathon, whose wife was only feet away from the first explosion at the finish line, would return home to Autstin, Texas and witness the fertilizer plant explosion? The odds must be astronomical, but it happened to Joe and Amy.

Screenshot 2013-04-24 at 10.56.55 AMHave you been following the Romeike family? This homeschooling family fled Germany to seek asylum in the United States because homeschooling is illegal in Germany. While most Americans think they should be allowed to stay, it seems the Justice Department of the Obama administration is giving undue attention to having them deported. Here is a recent report from ABC News and the latest update from the Baptist Press.

3 thoughts on “The Read and Share File

  1. If the US Government doesn’t want to open the floodgates of allowing homeschooling to be grounds for asylum, then it needs to state that clearly moving forward; but in the meantime this particular case should be grandfathered and the Romeike family allowed in.

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