Happy Monday

smileThat’s exactly what we’re trying to do here. We all have Monday’s but we seek to bear one another’s burdens and edify the body. It costs nothing to smile and most people smile back. We’re all in this together so chin up, chest out… have a Happy Monday! 



Psalm 139

coffee w Jesus, more spiritual

seeking a city


Collossians, paraphrase

American Bible Society


For our college friends (and those graduating). True story: 

for college students

God is near


Word shield

just in case

Don't take it personallyThere was stuff leftover in the Monday collection folder last week, so today I just shoved it all in. If you’re reading this you made it. Hope it helps, and finally this: 

Klove encouraging

One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. Where do the images in Happy Monday come from?

    Expect to see entries from K-Love, Coffee with Jesus, Our Daily Bread, Preach the Gospel.org and Cross Cards every week. I subscribe to those pages on Facebook (just like many of you get updates from the Master’s Table fb page). Images shown with no source credit were shared with me with no credit given. I also post my own pictures and occasionally inspirational type posters that I created.

    Why? That question answered here.

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