Happy Monday

If you’re counting, this is Happy Monday #40! 

Psalm 29 11


Did you win $600 million dollars playing Powerball Saturday? Were you thinking about all the good your church could do with that $60 million tithe? Check out Coffee with Jesus:
Coffee with Jesus, God's willtrust meempty mebe the goodGod is strongtestimony, testI’ve never posted anything from the Good Advice Duck meme, but this advice is, well, pretty good:

good advicegratitudeto die is gain

While the promise in scripture is certainly true, I can’t look at the above image without thinking “Yeah, but you should probably get off the tracks dude.”

phil 4 19cacti

There’s nothing we can do about it being Monday, but facing it with a smile seems to help. Be encouraged and encourage others. Have a HAPPY MONDAY.


4 thoughts on “Happy Monday

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  2. I am writing a book about our ministry in prison. I am sharing many of their testimonies. I want to use the image, “You can’t have a testimony without a test.” Looking for permission to use the image.

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