Number 666

Screenshot 2013-05-22 at 10.04.10 PMThe Master’s Table has been online since May of 2008, and this is post # 666. For the biblical back story on the number 666 you will want to review Revelation 13. All of chapter 13 describes the first and second beast, and the final verse, 18, cites 666 as the number of the beast, being the number of man. If seeing the number freaks you out (say $6.66 change out of a 10 dollar bill, or a blog with 666 posts) then consider the following.

While the ESV uses the numerical value 666 in Rev. 13:18, very early manuscripts have 616 as the number. Possibly, due to translation errors ages back, the number should have been 606. The heart of the matter is what we know about the number six. Six is the number of man in the way that seven is God’s perfect number. The anti-Christ, first beast of Revelation 13, is all about “me me me” much the way Lucifer (the Dragon in Revelation 12) was at the time of his fall. The number is only found once in the New Testament. Until the appearance of the anti-Christ, occurrence of the numerical value 666 should have no more bearing on the believer than the number 13. You don’t believe in luck do you?

And while we’re talking about believers, there are two basic views of what’s known as the tribulation. If you don’t believe in the rapture of the church followed by seven years of tribulation, what are you worried about? If you do believe the church will be raptured pre-tribulation… then what do you have to worry about? Either way, Christians alive today will not be on the earth at the time of the mark of the beast (needed to participate in the global economy of that time). Unbelievers who come to faith during the tribulation may be faced with such a choice, but those present unbelievers – if they have been born and are alive today – are probably not reading this blog nor worried about cryptic numerical symbolism from deep within the Book of Revelation.

This is post #666. There is nothing scary, creepy, Satanic, unholy, unlucky etc. about it. The Bible spends relatively little time explaining or even identify the anti-Christ but goes to great lengths to identify the Christ. Other occurrences of 666 in the Old Testament relate to things like pieces of gold received by Solomon. I am not the anti-Christ, The Master’s Table is not the Beast. But for the record, I did notice a few days this was coming up.

5 thoughts on “Number 666

  1. There’s a whole other cans of worms we could open about bar codes, sub-dermal microchip implants, and whatever else you’ve heard the mark could be. Back in the 80’s there was an image going around of Mikhail Gorbachev with the mark on his head in the shape of a dragon and the smaller marks shaped as three six’es.

  2. I thnk that we do see the end coming. So many false teachers it is getting crazy. I know 4 women that grow up in christian homes now Pagan. They have completely turned away from Jesus. One of the women is the one that asked me to go to church so many years ago.

    Jesus come soon

  3. Nice article. There is endless debate about eschatology, whether or not the events of Matthew 24 are happening now, who will be saved, etc. The point is to be ready always (Rev 3:3) and to always have the oil (Matt 25:1-13) of a submitted life in our lamps.

  4. Agreed; work for the night is coming (John 9:3). Paul compares the Christian life to running a race; in our case we keep pressing toward the prize but do not know when we will cross the finish line.

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