Happy Monday

Is it rainy, wet or grey where you are this morning? I would rather go to work on a day like that than have to look out at beautiful blue skies all day long. At any rate, keep putting one foot in the front of the other and here’s to a Happy Monday. 

Garfield on Mondays

This was a live radar image captured on Friday afternoon. When you find the heart shape, that’s where I live. (TN, AL and GA pictured)

heart 1doing little thingst-rex deersPsalm 54high fivebless themopportunitymiddle of nowherefollow Himentertaining cheesekoalafiedlove, bless, praygreat is thy faithfulnessIsaiah 46advice

Let’s see, a few scriptures, comics, inspirational quotes, captioned animals and Garfield. That ‘outta do it. Happy Monday! 

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