The SBC Resolution on the Boy Scouts of America

boy scouts The SBC passed a resolution today regarding the BSA and its policy change toward openly gay members. I came down pretty hard earlier this week on the SBC leadership for what I expected the resolution to say, and am pleased to admit that I like the actual resolution that was passed. Perhaps it was much ado about nothing; or perhaps there are many others that feel the same way I do.

This article at Baptist Press News covers the story and includes the full text of Resolution 6. The document expresses “opposition and disappointment” to the policy change but stops short of encouraging churches to drop their support of scouting. Each church is encouraged to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider what course of action to take. Decisions to break ties will be supported, but churches that choose to continue their relationship with the Boys Scouts are encouraged to do so in order to share the Gospel.

This is not the end of this story. Those who fought for change consider this a first step, and undoubtedly hope to lift the ban on gay leaders at some point in the future. It may in fact someday be necessary for Christian churches to end their relationship with BSA. The controversy over the recent change has been heated, and it is possible (though I imagine unlikely) for the Boy Scouts to reverse its decision. This is certainly not case closed on this issue.

Again, props to the authors of Resolution 6 and to the messengers that approved it. I continue to call on churches everywhere, Baptist or otherwise, to keep the kids in mind that your decision will affect. This is a highly charged political and social issue, but the kids at the center of it need your support, your leadership by example, and they need to see and hear the Gospel.

One thought on “The SBC Resolution on the Boy Scouts of America

  1. Sadly, by ceding ground on this portion of their moral argument before the Supreme Court in the earlier decision, they have ceded the further point of keeping homosexual adults out of the Boy Scouts. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings, legally they have undercut the decision in their favor by the Court!

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