Elvis Presley, King of… Gospel?

Our minister of music sang Who Am I during this morning’s service (the Elvis Presley one, not to be confused with a Casting Crown song of the same title). Elvis was known in the 50’s as the King of Rock and Roll and later in his career simply as “the King.” But despite all of his success in music and movies, all three of his Grammy awards were for Gospel music. He sang Peace in the Valley on one of his historic appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. Back in the day everyone from Andy Griffith to Dolly Parton also recorded Gospel music. Pat Boone, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash all have Gospel albums.

Try to Imagine Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus adding a Gospel tract to their next album.


5 thoughts on “Elvis Presley, King of… Gospel?

  1. Many rock & roll stars have hymns on their albums. Scott Weiland, Violent Femmes and many more.

    Yes, Elvis and all of these stars need Messiah. But they record what they like…

  2. The difference is that like many other artists of the time, he grew up singing those songs. The children of those days went to church every Sunday. God bless!

  3. loopyloo305– Gordon Gano’s (violent femmes) father is a American Baptist minster. So I think that he grow-up going to church on Sunday & singing those songs.

    The Violent Femmes sing Jesus Walking on the Water at their concerts. Also, Gordon formed the gosple-punk group The Mercy Seat. I think that he might even be a believer.

    I guess that we need to pray that these artist not only sing the song and go to church BUT they will give their lives to Messiah.

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