Happy Monday

Black Friday is likeHappy Monday truckHere’s what I’m thinking: we all need Happy Monday more than usual this week. Maybe the turkey wasn’t the only thing stuffed Thursday afternoon, and then some of us didn’t even wait ’till Friday for Black Friday. Maybe you had a marathon decorating session after driving and or flying thousands of miles. If you have been off work for the past 5 days or more, this morning is more Monday than usual. So pour another cup of Joe while I back in the Happy Monday truck.  *beep beep beep*

hap mon, Linus

Ouch Jesus

the Word

Every year I think about changing the banner image to something with a Christmas theme. Then I chicken out because I’m afraid if I mess with it I will never be able to put it back exactly the way it looks now. If I was going to change the header, it might be to one of these:

Christmas last supper (1)

Christmas last supper (2)

*For the record, The Last Supper was painted by da Vinci in the Middle Ages (1490ish). It’s not like I tore a page out of the Bible and colored on it, relax.

This was one of my favorites from last year. I had actually forgotten about it. Here is Joy Williams singing Here With Us with scenes from The Nativity. Enjoy, and have a Happy Monday.


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