Happy Monday

God's provision

Okay, true confession time. I was getting ready to start compiling this installment of Happy Monday and accidentally deleted the Happy Monday file folder on my laptop. I quickly grabbed a thing or two from the Internet but it’s gonna’ be short this week. Monday’s are like that but it’s still Sunday evening.

Screenshot 2014-02-16 at 9.50.08 PM A word to the wise isn’t necessary. It’s the stupid ones that need the advice. -Bill Cosby

Screenshot 2014-02-16 at 9.55.38 PMClick any image (particularly Coffee with Jesus) to view full size. The back button on your browser will return to this post.

Clark Bunch is now on Twitter. Expect quippy one-liners, links to this and my other blog, and perhaps other cool Twitter stuff I don’t even know about yet. God is always watching, the least we can do is be interesting.

@clarkjbunchMost people in the United States have probably had their fill of snow, but if you’re not completely fed up with it yet check our family snow pics. Either way, have a Happy Monday! 

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