Happy Monday

Psalms 139 14The image above is one of the pics that was lost when I accidentally deleted the Happy Monday folder a couple of weeks ago. While there is a King James Bible Online .org the many well-made graphics are on their Facebook page. Just FYI. Okay, Monday’s not gonna’ last forever; on with the big show.

work to do

relaxfound Jesus?expensive penniesOne dollar’s worth of plastic pennies, for the low price of $3.49. 

psalms 118 1

tweet lateraka muffinsAs always, Happy Monday!

Two notes: As I prepare this post the Academy Awards (Oscars) show is just beginning, so I have no idea who will win.

Tomorrow is the sixth blogoversary of The Master’s Table. Join us for a special post looking back, thanking God, and preparing for next step in the journey.

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