Six Years at the Table

blogoversaryEvery cool title I could think of (The Gospel Truth comes to mind) had already been taken and I initially settled for a very generic Clark Bunch’s Weblog. The first post (titled First Blog, whoops) was March 4th, 2008. Over the next few days I published what I considered foundational articles which describe what I believe. Those were way too long; I actually wrote them out on paper, in long hand, before typing them in. Those were the first wobbly steps on a new path. It’s all about the journey.

I was given a lot of good advice from the original Internet Monk Michael Spencer. I was able to write this tribute while he was still well enough to read and appreciate it. That post also details why I felt inspired to begin writing. Blogging has introduced me to new friends from Canada, Israel and Australia. Plus wherever you live!

Happy Monday is one of those ideas that worked. It actually started as a funny thing I said to people on Monday morning. Everybody talks about how rough Monday’s are, and I usually got at least an amused sounding moan if not a smile when wishing people a Happy Monday. Putting together the images, quotations and scriptures give me the chance to give people something to smile about.

Bible Survey is one of those ideas that did not work. A survey is an overview, meant to hit the highlights or form an outline. In a total of 15 posts I got through only a few chapters of Genesis. Writing a complete biblical commentary is not on my list of things to do. Maybe someday I can fix it. “Maybe someday” doesn’t usually work out for me either.

One Million is the number of page views I haven’t reached yet. The total number of views on all three blogs (Master’s Table, Clark Bunch and Bible Survey) is just under 963,000. The Master’s Table Facebook page has 138 followers, the blog itself has 160. The most read blog post – somewhat regrettably – is The Villany of Christopher Columbus with 85,111 views. There are 747 other posts on this blog, most of them share the Gospel in some way.

God honoring, Christ centered. That was and is still the goal. Look again at the header; Christ is at the center of da Vinci’s painting. Every aspect of the Christian life should reflect that ideal. I thank God for his blessings and ask that he continue to bless. And maybe, in a small way that goes unnoticed by the world, the writing efforts of this blogger have helped build the Kingdom. To God be the glory.

Long live the blog.

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