Happy Monday

yeah MondayThis is Happy Monday #81.

Every week I’m amused by looking at the stats that some random Happy Monday entry, such as 38, has five views that day. I thought about numbering each post or writing a by-line with the current date. The date of every post already appears below the title. And really, what difference does it make? If taking another look at a post from six months ago helps you through the day then blessings to you. Here is today’s offering:

nine livesI don’t want to make a political statement about America and Russia, just consider the following should we go to war:

Putin vs Obama


Old Testament: Anticipation
Gospels: Manifestation
Acts: Proclamation
Epistles: Explanation
Revelation: Consummation 

Your Bible is about Jesus!

Screenshot 2014-03-04 at 8.31.08 AMCoffee with Jesus is a product of Radio Free Babylon. You can read the actual legal statement here but they summarize this way: If you steal it, give us credit.



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