The Wednesday Link List

Screenshot 2014-03-19 at 10.35.12 AMPaul Wilkinson is the author of Thinking Out Loud and Christianity 201. You’ve met him here before and from time to time I pop in on either of his blogs. This is just a friendly reminder to check in at least weekly on the Wednesday Link List, even when I don’t mention or link to it.

The simple fact is I don’t get to post as often as I’d like. One of the things I admired about Michael Spencer was that he always seemed to know what was going on in the entire Christian blogosphere. Paul Wilkinson is like some Google search engine, seemingly (at least to me anyway) to be able to read everything published on the entire internet daily. I’ve tried in the past to post a Read & Share file of interesting stories I’ve read and wish to share with others. To compile a collection of 20 or 30 links on a regular recurring basis takes time and energy that I am not able to commit. And then I realized… I don’t have to.

The Wednesday Link List is now published via PARSE, a leadership journal of Christianity Today. Paul scans in the neighborhood of 200 – 300 religion and news blogs weekly and compiles the list of links his readers might enjoy. You and I can follow those links and everyone benefits. I don’t need to read every Christian blog post ever published – nor can I, nor can Paul or anyone else. I enjoy reading and writing, but no single website can absorb everything that exists, categorize it neatly then redistribute it. There was a time I thought some bloggers did just that, and I wanted to be one of those guys. Google has dozens of server locations, hundreds of employees and even they can’t map in real time everything that happens on the Web.

Check out the list each week. And every now and then, a pic or comic will be featured from Happy Monday. Which can only mean I saw something Paul missed.

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