Happy Monday

MondayMonday’s here, are you ready for it?

The Happy Monday folder is bursting at the seams so we’re going to share 6 or 8 quotes, scriptures and images and save the rest for another time. If they keep stacking up all week we may need to clean house. And away we go… something else

serve the Lord Jesus FreaksClick any image for full size, especially if you can’t see the fine print. April 15


“Heading to Missions Fest 2014 in Toronto yesterday, I told everyone that we going to walk up to the very first boot inside the door and volunteer to go to whaever country they were working in for one year.

In we went.

The first booth inside the door was selling snacks. From there, we tended to get distracted…”

-Funny yet supposedly true story via Paul Wilkinson, Thinking Out Loud   footprints For the cat people: kitten boot And the dog people:  get a long little doggie

“Get along little doggie.”

Easter is in a couple of weeks. It’s not too late to order DVD’s, download programs or check t.v. listings for My Hope America with Billy Graham. His finally series of teachings on the cross is perfect for sharing this season. Just a thought.

One final thought: have a Happy Monday! 


One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. The story is true in the sense that (a) I always go to Mission Fest with an open mind as to where God might be leading, and (b) we are at a crossroads and open to suggestions. So we did actually say those words beforehand — to several people — and as we walked in the door, my wife said, “The first booth is the snack bar.” We then got into a 15 minute discussion with a guy whose org. helps people do planned investing and giving that benefits Christian ministries.

    If there’s an event like Mission Fest anywhere near where you live it’s worth a look. For us it was an hour drive, and I can’t remember all the great conversations and learning that took place in the exhibition hall, with reps from different missions.

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