Tweeking the Blogroll

blogrollManaging a healthy blogroll is something of a lost art. Now that blogging has integrated with social media I sometimes question the value of a good blogroll myself. It used to be that having a good list of blogs and websites others could click to, and being linked to from the blogrolls of others, increased your chances of being viewed and considered a useful destination.

For the time being I plan to keep mine around and in working order. To that end, these links are going away:

Captive Free has not posted since 2011. Garment of Praise, another site by the same author, posted once in 2013.
Men After God has not posted since 2012.
Modern March is now listed as “private.”
Steve Brown etc. and the Steve Brown podcast both redirect to Key Life. There is no reason for both listings.
Tall Skinny Kiwi, formerly at typepad, is now Tall Skinny Kiwi .com. So far he has posted once in 2014. We’re going to fix our link and give Andrew some time.

There are also blogs I get in my reader that not on the blogroll. So here are a couple of additions to check out:

The Christian Gazette
The Gospel Coalition

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