Happy Monday


What Mondays are like: 

Mondays are like thatYes, this is Holy Week and we will be spending extra time studying the final days Jesus spent on earth and preparing to celebrate the resurrection. I considered skipping a week of Happy Monday. However 1) Mondays are the highest traffic days on The Master’s Table because of Happy Monday. 2) I believe this is true:

make happy

And away we go… 

Psalm 118 24

hear from God

coffee, seriously

life preach

shark cage

Deleted scene from Noah: 

dino ark

great is thy faithfulness

practicing Catholicjoyfulmrchurchguy dot com slash hipsterbibleThe above is a tweet from Relevant Church Guy. Check out all of the Hipster Bible quotes at this page. Most recently: One who hears the word and doesn’t do it is like a man who takes selfies then forgets what he looks like.”

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