Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

Screenshot 2014-04-24 at 9.36.16 PMYou may have noticed a new look at Bible Gateway. More changes are currently in beta and the look and functionality will soon be revised again. Like WordPress and many other sites, Bible Gateway is adapting to take greater advantage of social media. Everything is now cross-promoted across multiple outlets; which brings me to my Blogger Grid announcement.

I imagine most readers will have had some experience with Bible Gateway. It has long been my go-to site for looking up passages in multiple versions. Many websites now feature Bible Gateway’s verse of the day and they have been adding Twitter feeds and Facebook pages just like the rest of us. The Bible Gateway Blog has been around for a while now as well and the new Blogger Grid is a network of bloggers of all types that are serious about promoting the study of scripture. A big function of blogging has always been to network with other bloggers and to serve as a portal for readers to find other blogs and useful information.

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid here’s what to expect from The Master’s Table: 

  • Scripture references will link to the appropriate passage at The Bible Gateway site has many languages and versions to choose from, and the new format will let you parallel two versions side-by-side.
  • The Master’s Table Facebook page and my personal Twitter feed linking new posts will feature the tag #bgbg2. When you see #bgbg2 on a blog or in other links, that site is partnered with the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid.
  • The Master’s Table will continue to offer sermons, devotionals, Christian news, Happy Monday and blogging that is God honoring and Christ Centered. We will also partner with Blogger Grid to gain exposure via their social networks channels and connect you (my readers) with useful resources and other great blogs and bloggers.


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