National Day of Prayer 2014

Screenshot 2014-04-25 at 11.24.23 PMNext Thursday, May 1 2014, is the 63rd National Day of Prayer. Now we all know I’m not going to recite the Lord’s Prayer while humming the National Anthem, but let’s be honest. Christians from all denominations across the country are making a concerted effort to pray together – this is a good thing.

Today’s Verse of the Day is Hebrews 7:25 which reminds us we draw near to God through Jesus Christ and no other way. We pray in Jesus’ name because as our great High Priest is our advocate with the Father and ever lives to make intercession.

I don’t want to take 2 Chronicles 7:14 out of context but… he wants his people who called by his name to cry out to him. I’m not saying we’ll be blessed with lots of land and I know that America is not Israel. I’m not preaching replacement theology; and yet we as Christians are his people and he is our God. We should be marked by two obvious traits; we are people of the Book and people of prayer.

Abraham gave a tenth of all he had to Melchizedek but it was his faith (Gen 15:6) that made him righteous. Isaiah 1 is clear that it’s not all the things we do that please God. It’s the heart he looks at and always has been. Jesus was the Son of God; no person has ever been closer to God the Father. Jesus prayed every single day, beginning early in the morning while it was still night. Before any major event in his ministry he spent extra time in prayer, sometimes praying all night and on one occasion until his sweat was as great drops of blood. He taught the disciples to pray, he raised Lazarus in prayer, he prayed from the cross for those crucifying him. Elijah prayed and it did not rain for 3 1/2 years; he prayed again and it did. In every one of Paul’s letters (which make up half the New Testament) he prays daily for the people he is writing to and covets their prayers.

Visit the National Day of Prayer website and/or follow the Twitter feed @nationalprayer. Groups of people across the country are organizing events from prayer breakfast to vigils; there is probably one in your city or neighborhood. Some will pray all week in preparation for the “big event” and of course it’s not too late for you or your church, Sunday school or small group to plan your own.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. –Psalm 145:18


One thought on “National Day of Prayer 2014

  1. I am surprised that America still has a National day of prayer – that is something to be extremely thankful for!

    Your sentence – “We should be marked by two obvious traits; we are people of the Book and people of prayer” – says so much. If these two things were true of all Christians, the world would be a VERY different place. May we all be faithful!

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