Blogs and Prayers

prayer I went looking for some good blog posts on prayer yesterday and came up with a rather extensive list. It’s not my list, check out 50 Great Prayer Blogs at The site also offers prayer quotes, prayer guides and is itself a resource. I can’t personally vouch for every link on the list but I did click quite a few before giving the list a head nod. This one – Daily Devotion – is particular well done while others, well. (If your blog title is A Prayer a Day maybe update that more often than three times a year.)

Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. Whatever you read this week, or events you attend, let’s do pray together. Some are critical of having one day devoted to prayer saying we need to pray everyday. Yes, I agree, and having a big event with coordinated efforts in many communities and churches puts the issue in front of us and reminds us who we are and whose we are. Coming together to pray corporately allows us to encourage one another and also sparks discussion, sermons, blog posts etc. on the subject of prayer.


pray together



2 thoughts on “Blogs and Prayers

  1. I spot checked several and didn’t find any dead links; I did kind of take a jab at one site that posted 3 times in 2012, 3 more in 2013 and has yet to post this year.

    I searched WordPress blogs using the prayer tag and found your blog in the process. List aside I like what you’re doing.

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