The Read and Share File

overloadThe Read and Share File – it’s been a while since we did one of these but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Here’s a couple of posts and one video that I enjoyed and wish to to pass along. I’ve had enough time to surf lately that stuff’s piling up.

“One of the blessings of the World Wide Web is that we now have access to an unlimited number of opinions about any given subject. One of the curses of the World Wide Web is there is no search engine that screens for stupidity and poor judgment.”

“God has communicated through his word and he expects to be understood.”

Both of those quotes are from this post on the Brian Jones blog. His link was retweeted by Bible Gateway, so that Blogger Grid thing is paying off already. His point is that pretty much anyone with our without formal training should be able to understand 99.5% of the Bible (and the 0.5% is not really the stuff that matters).

May 1st was the National Day of Prayer and I authored a few posts and linked to several others last week on the subject. Just yesterday The Gospel Coalition published 9 Things You Should Know about Prayer in the Bible. 

In the short video below D.A. Carson answers the question “Why pray if God already knows everything?”




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