The Read and Share File

overloadHere’s a look at some things I’ve been reading lately.

Apologetics – the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information. So if Christian apologists offer a defense of our position, does that mean atheist apologists offer a defense of their? Eric Chabot says yes. 

I jointed Twitter back in February. By the time I got through all the steps and was ready to “tweet” I already had 4 followers. So my first tweet was simply “To my 4 followers: I’m now on Twitter. But you already knew that.” Trevin Wax put together a collection of first tweets from folks like John Piper, Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Beth Moore and other Christian celebrities. 

We’ve had a slew of “Christian” movies lately, some doing a better job than others at presenting a biblical story and some doing better than others in the box office. It was only a matter of time before television networks noticed. Nazareth is coming this fall to Fox and will focus on the childhood years of Jesus growing up. The Noah movie was criticized for not presenting the story as told in the Bible; Nazareth will avoid that controversy by telling a story not found in the Bible.

Another post by Trevin Wax makes 5 Observations About Younger Southern Baptists. I found it encouraging; yes the demographic in SBC chruches is changing but it’s not all bad news. For me this was the big money line: our teaching and preaching should be centered on the gospel. Amen to that! 

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