Happy Monday Post 1


Monday it is. I gotta’ tell ya, I’ve been laid up sick for the past few days. I haven’t left the house, I didn’t go to church, starting a new week might be just what I need. On the bright side the Happy Monday folder is more jammed full than it ever has been before. So in a first ever move look for another installment of frivolity this afternoon. A.M. and P.M. Happy Monday, who would have ever imagined such a thing?

not of fear

c s lewisjust one

signed copy


capitalismin case of fire
circle of life

This last one’s kinda nerdy: 

like dislike

From Van Til and I, have a Happy Monday! 

van till

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday Post 1

  1. Thanks Angie! Friday was the worst day so far and I usually bounce back pretty quickly after “sleeping it off” by staying in bed all day. I need to make a short recording reading from my book but right now I still sound like the “before” guy in a Nyquil commercial.

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