Happy Monday Post 2

monday gone

Not quite yet buddy. This is the late-day posting of pics, scripture, inspirational quotes and other things to make you smile. Here’s post #1 if you missed it this morning. Hang in there a while longer; Happy Monday!

i know the plans

burning bridgesheavenly homeinspirationHappy Monday, proving inspiration since 2013. 

real men cryIt takes a big man to cry.
It takes an even bigger man to laugh at the man while he’s crying.


eagle 1

eagle 2


Just remember, when asking the question “What would Jesus do?” sometimes the answers is crack a whip and flip over tables. 

This final images goes under the heading of possibly useful:

cupversion factor

Van Til 2“Happy Monday, Happy week, from all of us at The Master’s Table.”
-Van Til

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