Book Review: God is Near

No, I do not presume to write a review of my own book. Below is the review and recommendation of Steve May, a pastor friend in eastern Kentucky. I also look forward to Denise Spencer’s review next week on Internet Monk. 

God is NearClark Bunch is a Baptist preacher with a passion for writing and teaching. This is his first book but he writes daily for his blog The Masters Table (

Clark is a graduate of Shorter University holding a Bachelors of Science degree in both history and political science. He has been the lead pastor to one church and was on the teaching faculty of the Oneida Baptist Institute (a private Baptist Boarding School with over a 100 year history in southeastern Kentucky). Presently Clark is the Director of Men’s Ministry and works with the youth ministries of the Trinity Baptist Church in Calhoun, GA.

The book is an exceptional primer for those journeymen seeking to, as the book indicates, draw near to God. The author covers a good bit of the Biblical Creation story and moves the reader through an application process of both Old and New Testament accounts of God’s desire to have an intimate relationship with man, in spite of man’s sinful nature. The language within the text is readable and not so “stuffy” as to be intimidating.

Contained within the short text, are explanations of covenant relationship, grace, mercy, redemptive love, and God’s righteousness. All along the journey, the reader is directed by various Biblical texts to accomplish the author’s purpose of “demonstrating that God is near (and) that He always has been and for the believer always will be.” (Introduction)

I would recommend this book to at least three groups of individuals. This is appropriate for the new believer. To be “saved” is one thing, but what is the most wonderful part of being joined together with God is that the believer is beckoned by God to “draw near”. This text clearly demonstrates the Biblical foundations of this principle but also gives evidence that the journey is even possible for the struggling believer.

Secondly, I would recommend using this text as part of a small group, perhaps in-home study. The discussions that would be generated within the group would be stimulating enough for even the most seasoned believer.

Finally, the text would be most appropriate for use as a companion text to a larger volume in an undergraduate Biblical Studies program. The text could serve as a source or example for students to imitate in the writing of their own perceptions of drawing near to God.


God is Near: His Promise to His People is available in paperback or Kindle e-book from and on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK.


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