Did You See Me in the Times?

It’s the Calhoun Times, the local paper of Calhoun, Georgia. What were you thinking?
Profile Faith, Calhoun Times

Profiles in Faith: Clark Bunch

By Karli Land, Religion Correspondent

Calhoun is full of great talent and home to many great writers. Author Clark Bunch has lived in Calhoun most of his life. He graduated from Calhoun High School in 1994 and Shorter College in 1998. “I studied geometry with Coach Jerry Smith, wrote poetry and edited a magazine for Dr. Linn and was on Sandra Silvers’ debate team for four years,” says Bunch. “I also competed in the National Debate Tournament in 1994.”

Bunch is now husband to his bride of 17 years and father to a beautiful daughter, Johannah. “After 12 years and two miscarriages we were blessed with our daughter,” explains Bunch. “We are probably older than every other pre-K parent but we are thankful.” The Bunches are active members of Trinity Baptist Church. Bunch is the director of a men’s ministry called Brotherhood while his wife Teresa directs the WMU women’s ministry. They both volunteer in children and youth ministry programs and recently returned from a middle school camp just in time for the start of their church’s Vacation Bible School.

“I have been in church my entire life and a Christian since age 12,” says Bunch. “After making a couple of short-term mission trips, we felt led to be more involved. From 2003 until 2012 we served full time on the mission field at a private Christian boarding school in the mountains of Kentucky. During this time, Teresa tutored students individually or in small groups and I taught history and helped lead daily chapel services. We led Baptist Campus Ministry together. We did dozens of other little things; it was really full time ministry and then some.”

When asked about his favorite scripture, Bunch had this to say, “Colossians 1 describes Jesus as the image of the invisible God. My favorite passage of scripture is probably Colossians 1:15-20. That single paragraph defines who Christ is and presents the gospel. Those few verses really explain a lot.”

Bunch is very excited to introduce his new book ‘God is Near: His Promise to His People.’ “The Bible tells one story; how a holy God relates to a sinful, fallen and broken people,” explains Bunch. “At the center of that story is Jesus. Some people see a sharp contrast between the Old and New Testaments; in one God is angry, wrathful, and demands that a list of commandments be followed. Then in the other Jesus is all about grace, mercy and wants to love everybody. I want us to look into the scriptures together and see that the Bible is not a shattered thing with pieces that do not fit together. There is grace in the Old Testament, judgment in the New, and we find God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit throughout. God desires a relationship with His people and has always gone to great lengths to make that possible. God has always been near and is near today. He is not in a dark church sanctuary waiting for us to come in on Sunday morning. You will find his people printing Bibles, giving away food, working in shelters, digging wells and rebuilding homes destroyed by fire and flood around the world. The Gospel is still good news and I wrote ‘God is Near’ to share that message.”

The book was only recently published and you may not find it yet in physical bookstores. ‘God is Near’ is available in paperback from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and also as Kindle and NOOK e-books.Outskirtspress.com/Godisnear is the book’s webpage created by the publisher and includes links to the online retail sites. Bunch is available for bookstore appearances as well as speaking engagements. He is also on Facebook as Clark Bunch or can be contacted via email clarkjbunch@hotmail.com.

Karli Land is originally from Florida where she studied education. She is new to the Calhoun area and is working as a freelance writer and aspiring author. You may contact her at karlisemail@yahoo.com.

4 thoughts on “Did You See Me in the Times?

  1. Small town in the southern United States; there is actually a religion section in the Saturday paper, and Profiles in Faith is a regular column.

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