Happy Monday

Mondays are like

pink pantherLast week there was more stuff in the Happy Monday folder than I could use, even after I posted the Bible Reader’s Special Edition later that same day. And of course it’s been added to all week. Here’s a big healthy dose of Happy Monday quotes, pics, scriptures and funnies, and I don’t know what to do with all that’s left.

relationship with Godhypocriteseph 3 20be happymouth shutlove your enemiesshaking his headrasberry beretGod is up to somethingWell that makes 10 things. I’m always afraid there is a threshold to how far you can scroll and continue enjoying more things. After a while it’s just more of the same.

All right, let’s pray for one another, we’re all in this together. Have a Happy Monday, and I leave you with this:

“Van Til, that’s not a couch! No it doesn’t hold still…
It’s suppose to do that. VAN TIL STOP!!!”

not a couch


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