Happy Monday

happy everythingSo after a long weekend of cookouts, camping, picnics, fireworks, parades and road trips, today may feel more Monday than usual. We got you covered. 

He sees and hears1 personromans 12 2wacky washer

It’s like a cross between a washing machine and Cookie Monster.
not a crystal ball

Okay, this next one’s kinda nerdy. If you can’t figure it out ask me in the comments: 404short and sweetwhich came firsthe's the king, C S LewisPsalm 61 2Romans 16 20What’s that? There is no Coffee with Jesus comic and for that matter no coffee reference period? Yeah I know, this week’s a little weird. Van Til never made it in this morning, I did the best I could.

van til crash Look for Happy Monday # 100 coming up in a few weeks. Maybe we’ll do something special. We say it a lot around here but seriously, have a Happy Monday and a great week!


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. LOL. The bill is for $21.96 and the new total after tip is an even 26. In other words, the tip was 4.04. If you direct your browser to a URL that does not exist (or a page/post that did exist but has been taken down) you will get HTTP Error 404 and probably be told “File not found.”

  2. I try not to let my nerd show but let’s be honest, I’m a blogger. I spend a lot of time on the internet. I (usually, for the most part) keep my Star Trek, Doctor Who, lame computer jokes and 80’s references to my Facebook profile. Case in point:

    “There’s no place like”

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