The Lego Movie

Lego movieHave you seen the Lego Movie? It was released in theaters back in February and on video a few weeks back. I’m not going review it; I’m going to share the Gospel!

The Lego Movie reminds me a lot of the Matrix. Both movies feature an entire world filled with people living their lives who do not know their world is a construct. In the Lego Movie everything is put together with plastic blocks and takes place on a large table in a family’s basement. In the Matrix everything was virtual and existed online. It’s just that the Matrix came out before there were blogs! For this post let’s sticks with Lego’s. The target audience consists of all age groups and the Matrix, well, is probably running on AMC by now.

The Lego characters live in a world that is real from their point of view. The main character, Emit, gets up each morning and does many of the same things we call do each day. He gets up, showers, gets dressed, has breakfast, and drives to work. He speaks to his neighbors that live in his building, has some work buddies, makes plans for the weekend. He will eventually meet “the man upstairs” and discover that everything created has a creator. We find out that Emit is not in control of his own destiny and that everything in his “world” was build by a guy in his basement. Is our world really so different? We go about living our lives each day as if the things we do really matter, but in the end pretty much everything we do is temporary.

This world – our world, the real world – is a small thing that God designed for us to have a place live. From Emit’s point of view his world is a big place and he plays a role in a greater whole. From the man’s point of view it’s a miniature world on a table in his basement. We see our world from Emit’s point of view. Have you ever watched ants in an ant farm? They are building, and working, and gathering food, and reproducing – all behind a pane of glass in a child’s bedroom. But to them it’s the world. From our point of view the world is large, and wonderful, and amazing; and I’m not saying those things are not true. But to God – it was spoken into existence, and it wasn’t hard to do. Everything created has a creator. And this world we live in is temporary. There was a beginning of time and there will be an end. And then we will meet the man upstairs. And only the things we did for the Kingdom will really matter.

So when a car cuts you off in traffic, or your boss yells at you, or supper gets burned because the phone was ringing and someone was at the door and Timmy was trying to put the cat in the washing machine… think about the things that really matter. Ants living in an ant farm may be a good analogy, but when the ants die you just throw the whole thing away. The difference between you and the ants is that God loves you. You and I are made in his image, the ants are not. The guy that cut you off in traffic? He’s made in God’s image as well. And so are your kids. And your neighbor. And the homeless man that asked if you had any spare change. Maybe God sent him you, but that’s getting a little preachy huh?

The world Emit lives in is a model of a real city. Imaging a child playing with dolls in a dollhouse. There are people, rooms, furniture, cars in the garage and a family pet. Children model the behavior they see and sometimes a child’s play takes on some rather realistic tones. Maybe Daddy yells at Mommy and hits her, or the child is called hurtful things and locked in a room. Sometimes it gets a little too real. The dioramas created by model train enthusiasts have reached a level of realism never before seen. Model planes and models cars can be used as learn how the real things actually work. Models of the human body help us understand how we work on the inside. In a similar fashion God used the tabernacle and sacrifice system to help people understand what he is like. The sacrifice taken by the high priest through the veil of separation is a model of what Jesus would do in the New Testament. The floorplan of the Temple is patterned after the throne room in Heaven. The Passover, the brass serpent lifted up by Moses in the wilderness, these are all pictures of what was to come.

The world was affected by sin and the curse, but retains aspects of the perfect world God created. He will someday make all things new. But reality as we now perceive it is an illusion. God created all that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. He has ordained the events of history. The things that are really permanent, the truly everlasting things, we do not perceive with our senses. We do not see God, our souls, nor Heaven and Hell. At some point every analogy breaks down. Emit saw the world for what it really is, then went back to his world of plastic blocks and interlocking pieces. Our world is temporal, but our actions here and the decisions we make now will determine our place in eternity.

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