Happy Monday Turns 100

Good morning everyone. This is Happy Monday # 100!

true story

From July 23, 2012 here is what the very first Happy Monday post looked like. The original idea was for you to catch up on things you might have missed over the weekend and start the week with some things to look forward to. By week #2 each paragraph began with a headline. It was a Monday paper. After a few weeks of reporting the news and wishing readers a “Happy Monday” one of my friends IRL commented that there wasn’t much in the post to be happy about.

In September of 2012 I wrote What is Happy Monday? so that I wouldn’t have to try explaining it every week. I continued offering a brief explanation each week. Still, it was a good post at the time and contains a few of my favorite images.

By November 2012 the Monday posts were starting to take what I consider their modern format. Happy Monday #16 opens with a comic, has a scripture quote, has a scripture quote poster, one more quote and ends with a puppy. There are no news headlines and no commentary of any kind written by me.

happy coffee


Happy Coffee is happy!

If that grinning cup of coffee doesn’t make you smile, you’re broken. It hasn’t been long since we ran a special Bible Reader’s edition of Happy Monday. Click on Happy Coffee there for Happy Monday #33, Coffee Drinker’s Edition.

hap mon, dogs play christmas

From December 2012, I call this one “Dogs Play Christmas.” It’s word play based on “Dogs Play Poker.” Google it if you have to. Pay no attention to the fact that baby Jesus is portrayed by a cat.

Another regular feature is the comic strip Coffee with Jesus. It’s got coffee, it’s got Jesus, it’s a win-win! Always witty, the usually funny strip sometimes feels more like “ouch” if it hits too close to home. You can seriously learn a few things by reading these. (Click the image for full size if you need it.)

coffee w Jesus, Haiti

I have been known, on occasion, to create a few things. Here for instance is the Happy Monday truck:
Happy Monday truck

And what about Van Til? When Michael Spencer was podcasting iMonk Radio, he claimed to have a dog named Van Til that engineered his radio show. The podcast was created by Michael himself on his Apple computer and there never actually was a program on the radio. From what I can determine, the Van Til namesake comes from Christian philosopher, reformed theologian and apologist Cornelius Van Til. The last iMonk Radio podcast was in the fall of 2009. I made up some backstory of Van Til doing some t.v. spots and print ads to make ends meet before I hired him to edit Happy Monday. Any blonde lab you see could become Van Til in the next Happy Monday.

van til

Well, this has been a look back at the first 100 installments of Happy Monday. In spirit of what we do here (and because of that Lego Movie post yesterday) please enjoy Everything is Awesome. And have a Happy Monday!

(The end credits of The Lego Movie are no longer available in my country so we’ve replaced it with this one hour Everything is Awesome mix. Copyright holders, who do they thing they are?)


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