Who Were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

bible, scrollAs books were chosen to represent a New Testament of the Bible, conveying the biography of Jesus and the formation of the Christian Church, a few were chosen and many others passed over. The writings that were chosen by the early church leaders become Bible canon, but there are many gnostic Gospels and falsely ascribed (pseudepigraphal) epistles that still exist today. There is even some disagreement between Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians about what is considered scripture.

Michael Patton, author of the Parchment & Pen Blog published by Creedo House, finds it interesting that while some Gospels with recognizable names, i.e. Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Mary, were passed over we have four Gospels included in the Bible that are essentially anonymous. Each book is named for the person believed to be the author – namely Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – but none of the writers identify themselves as such. Patton further believes this anonymity adds to rather than detracts from the works credibility.

Please read 4 Gospels or 4 Forgeries and see for yourself. I found the post engaging and his reasoning sound but you’re entitled to agree or disagree.

2 thoughts on “Who Were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

  1. “Who were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?” may not the best title as this post does not really address who those persons actually were. Matthew, also known as Levi, and John were among the 12 Apostles. Mark is most likely a disciple of Peter, another Apostle, who wrote a couple of New Testament epistles but not a Gospel account per se. Luke is a close companion of Paul, referred to as his “beloved physician.” He is believed to have also written The Acts of the Apostles.

    We know who those four individuals are, the question is how did their names become associated with the four Gospel accounts? And if the names are not right does that really matter?

  2. Why do you think the Gospels were written anonymously…whether they were well known or not? We say that the Bible is the inspired word of God which incidentally I believe… but it was up to humans in the early century Church to decide what to include in the Bible… were they inspired or directed by God to choose which books to include…? or as I’ve heard someone I know intimated had a bias as to what to include… and what do you think of the writings in the apocrypha … ( just in general, I don’t mean you have to go into depth) Making you work!.. Diane

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